Patmos Baptist moving to Delmas 33

Work began today on the new property for Patmos Baptist of Delmas. For some years the church has been located at Delmas 41 but because of the need for more space and their own building, (the building at 41 was rented) land is being purchased at Delmas 33 and Kasaw.  The land is being purchased for $22,000. The church gave the first $12,000 to secure the land and now needs to make two equal payments of $5,000 for the pay off. The first payment is due in October.

The plan for moving includes building an church office, security house and storage. Some of the men of the church came out today to prepare the foundation.

A crusade is scheduled in July under a 40 x 60 tent to mark the official move and to evangelize the surrounding neighborhoods. Pray for Pastor Maurange and the church as they take these important steps in the work of Patmos Baptist of Delmas.

About Ron Maggard

Dr. Ron Maggard along with his wife Frances have been in missionary evangelism for over 30 years. He is currently pastor of Iglesia Bautista Comunidad in Stuart, Florida but travels extensively to evangelize, educate and establish workers and churches worldwide.
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