Haiti’s Patmos Baptist Ministries

In the closing chapters of the Bible, we see John, the last of the Apostles still living, writing the revelation of Jesus Christ from Patmos. This was one of the islands in a cluster of islands in the Aegean sea. Just a few miles in length, only a mile wide, this barren, desolate island was his home for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. More than likely he had been banished to Patmos as punishment for his faithfulness to Christ and His word.

Our Haitian brothers have chosen the name Patmos Baptist for the churches that we are starting in and around Port au Prince. I asked Pastor Maurange Caneus and Pastor Riccardo St Gelus about the significance of this name Patmos. These men and others we are working with want to be faithful to the word of God. They want their churches to be known as Bible preaching and Christ-centered churches reaching out to the inhabitants of this troubled island. Many of these men have families living in the US and could easily immigrate to an easier life but they remain in Haiti, faithfully serving Christ in some of the most extreme conditions found anywhere. I admire these brothers and am gladly a companion in their tribulations, trials and sufferings. I find it difficult sometimes to find others to join with us in working to reach this country with the Gospel of Christ. But these men are worthy and I hope you will pray for them and partner with them for this great cause.

There Is A Cause

Patmos Baptist which has been meeting in an area of Port au Prince called Delmas 41, but recently had the opportunity to buy their own land in Delmas 33. This land is just on the corner of a main connector through the city nearer to the airport. On their own they raised $12,000 and made a contact with the owner. They still owe $10,000, but must pay $5000 by October or loose the contract and then the other $5000 after 6 more months. Could you please help us with this need?

With unemployment at 85% in Haiti, the members of Patmos Baptist have done an amazing job giving as much as they have, but they need our help.

You may go to our Baptist Evangelism  web site and click on donate and specify for land in Haiti or send a check to Baptist Evangelism, 11616 W Indiantown Road, Jupiter, Florida 33455 marked for Haiti.

If you are interested in traveling to Haiti to work with us visit our Mourning to Morning site for information.

About Ron Maggard

Dr. Ron Maggard along with his wife Frances have been in missionary evangelism for over 30 years. He is currently pastor of Iglesia Bautista Comunidad in Stuart, Florida but travels extensively to evangelize, educate and establish workers and churches worldwide.
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